Want to get Free Samples? Here’s how you do it

At stuff4nowt.co.uk are regularly updating our lists for samples and giveaways. We get a lot of emails by readers asking how they can get these free stuffs.  If you want a free sample you just need to click on the product posted on our list. Our blog will also guide you through how to request a free sample and how long you will have to wait until it arrives at your given address. All of these companies which offer freebies ask your mailing address for shipping of your desired sample.


Why Companies give away free stuff?

A lot of companies and websites including freestuffbaby.co.uk give away freebies for a lot of reasons. Mostly, they are looking for product testers and they want you to give their sample a try. It also works as a marketing technique as if the users like the product they are more likely to purchase it in the future. Some of these companies also offer free samples for the sole reason of promotion and publicity. Our website look out for these promotional giveaways and post them to make things easy for you guys.

Delivery time

In usual scenarios, free samples take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive at your doorsteps. It is a good idea to keep applying for regularly updated offers and in no time your mailbox will be flowing of free samples.

Each year, I receiver tons of freebie stuff at home. I usually donate the most stuff to the poor and needy because there are always more samples than I need for personal use. If you want to check out how much free samples you can get in a month, you can check out to freebie give-away list which is updated on a regular basis.