Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Free Samples?
1- Search our websites regularly updated list for freebies and free sample products
2- Apply for a free sample by clicking on the product you desire.
3- Fill in your mailing address
4- Wait a couple of weeks for your shipment to arrive.

Does the website gives away free samples?
A lot of free samples and freebie stuff is offered by our website but for the most times we link you to the companies that offer free samples for their products. The shipment fee is covered by the company that sends you the free samples. Our job is to keep you updated with the latest offers as soon as they hit the market.

Why haven’t I received my Freebie yet?
The sample products that are listed on our website are popular and limited in amount. You should track all new updates in the list to apply for your free sample as soon as it comes. Otherwise chances are that someone else might claim it first. Once you claim a free sample its company’s responsibility to ship it. Shipment duration of each sample that you apply for varies according to the company but it usually takes 4-8 weeks until it’s delivered at your doorsteps.

Do I need to make a user account?
You don’t have to sign in or making any sort of user account to claim any freebie. You can simply scroll through the list of regularly updated free sample offers to claim the freebie you’re most interested in.  Although, you can sign up for a newsletter to get updates on latest available free samples, coupons and discounts as soon as they’re added on our website.

Why do companies give away free stuff?
A lot of different brands and companies giveaway a lot of free stuff for the sake of product testing and promotion. Once customers try a free sample, it is more likely that they will purchase the product in the future if they liked the sample. Some companies also giveaway free stuff for the sole purpose of marketing.