Getting Free Make Samples

Getting free makeup samples can be a dream for a lot of women. If you use makeup or are friends with someone who does, I’m sure you’d know how expensive makeup products can get. Sometimes paying $30 for a lipstick seems insane and what if you can get a free sample from the very same brand. That’ll be a dream come true, right? Well here’s how you can get some awesome free makeup samples.

Follow the sample offers

It is very important to regularly follow a freebie site which is updated on a regular basis like this one. Free makeup samples are usually offered in a limited amount so you don’t want to lose a chance to get some samples just because you were lazy. Some of the best free makeup samples are usually offered by Target and Walmart and they’re usually offered online. We regularly check for offers from them, even a couple of times a day to keep our list updated. A lot of free makeup samples offers also come from Sephora and they’re updated on our list as soon as they’re offered. It is very important to keep checking our list for the latest offers.

Be Social

You must follow all of your favorite cosmetic brands and their companies on social media. When companies are looking forward to giveaway freebies, the first thing that they usually do is a post about them on social media. A lot of cosmetic company pages on social media sites also regularly offer different contests and other various opportunities to win a free product. It is a good idea to share their posts or tweet about any of their new product that you’ve used and they might surprise you with a free makeup product.

Read Up

A lot of famous cosmetic and fashion related magazine offer free makeup samples. Allure is one of them, even famous for this act. A lot of times these giveaways are not sample size rather the same quantity as the original product which can be very exciting. There is surely a lot of competition because of the popularity of such giveaways, so it’s best to act fast.

Start a blog

A great way to get a lot of free cosmetics samples and other great products is to start a beauty blog. A lot of companies will contact you to try their products and write reviews about them.

Take Surveys

A lot of companies offer free product samples for taking surveys on their websites. Some of them even offer real products instead of samples. You kind of pay for the product by spending the time during a survey which sounds cool enough.

Become a Member

A lot of companies like Sephora and Ultra offers free samples to their members. They also send you a product as a gift for your birthdays. Also, if you purchase other items, then you can earn points which can then be cashed for getting freebie stuff.